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Experience the power of digital printing with Spartan Printing and Packaging.

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We Deliver Exceptional Quality Every Time

Digital printing offers cost-effectiveness, quick turnaround, and customization options, making it the ideal choice for your printing needs.

Advanced Printing Technology for Superior Results

Our process ensures vibrant colors, sharp details, and consistent quality on every print.

Vibrant Colors

Transform your visuals into captivating prints with our digital printing service, ensuring each hue is vivid and each detail is crystal clear.

Cost Effective

Experience the balance of premium quality and affordability as we deliver your digital prints with precision and value in mind

Reliable Service

We understand the importance of timely delivery. Count on us for quick turnaround times and dependable service.

spartan equipment

Our Equipment

Leading Precision with Our HP Indigo 7800

Experience a digital printing transformation with our HP Indigo 7800 13×19, a 5-color liquid toner press designed to turn your imagination into stunning print realities.


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Find answers to common questions about Digital Printing

What is the maximum sheet size you can run?

13x19 is our maximum on our Indigo.

Why HP Indigo?

Our HP Indigo is a liquid ink vs toner on other digital devices. The difference is liquid ink matches offset much better than toner. If we need to print a short run on digital and the balance on offset, we can match the job.

Can you run a variety of substrates?

Yes, we print on paper, vinyl, adhesives, foilboard, plastics and much more.

What is your turn time on digital?

Typically digital turn times are much quicker than offset due to the process and run lengths. Usually we turn these jobs within 3-4 days after proof approval.

Can you tell that this work is run digital vs offset?

Not at all, the ink sets are very close to matching offset, and you don’t feel the ink like you might off the toner devices. In addition the ink is not “waxy” looking.

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