About Mike

I’ve been in the printing industry since 1995. I pride myself on being attentive and producing quality work. I want to provide each customer with the best possible experience when they come to Spartan Printing.    

I want to be proud when I see something we printed in a store or at a business and say to myself “Hey, I worked on that!” 

I believe in working with the customer as well as collaborating with my coworkers to overcome any obstacles or challenges we may face. 

I strive to produce a product that everyone will be happy to associate their name with. The quality of work we provide reflects on us all, as I understand that you have an end customer as well, so we should always strive for the best quality possible!

In my spare time I love to travel and spend time with my family and explore new places. I am an avid sports fan and scuba diver.  I also enjoy doing home improvement projects